Well, as you may or may not have noticed there have been no updates in ages. Well, my internet went from “spotty” in my last update to “completely non-functional” now. Not having internet at home is a bit like being transported back to 1997. I feel like I should be preparing for middle school, because that’s the last time (probably) I had no home internet.

However, to soothe the soul of those missing musics, let me do several things:

1. Don’t forget to check out all the glorious blogs on my right-hand side-bar. They are truly great.

2. Here is a mixtape I made earlier this summer:

The mixtape is 3 discs worth of music split into two download files. Unlike the full albums I post on this blog, not all of these songs are out of print or anything… but it’s a mixtape. I cleared the tagging information so that 1. I could sequence the tracks properly and 2. so that the surprise isn’t ruined–I always find music is best appreciated when you don’t have any bias going into it.

There is a theme to the mix–the book of Job from the Bible. Because, why not?

Here is download #1. And here is download #2.

And here is a link to the track listing, so you know what the various songs are. I really recommend NOT viewing the link until after you’ve listened to the mix, but I obviously can’t stop you.

Hopefully things will get sorted out soon and I can get internet back up-and-running so regular posting can resume.