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Well, as you may or may not have noticed there have been no updates in ages. Well, my internet went from “spotty” in my last update to “completely non-functional” now. Not having internet at home is a bit like being transported back to 1997. I feel like I should be preparing for middle school, because that’s the last time (probably) I had no home internet.

However, to soothe the soul of those missing musics, let me do several things:

1. Don’t forget to check out all the glorious blogs on my right-hand side-bar. They are truly great.

2. Here is a mixtape I made earlier this summer:

The mixtape is 3 discs worth of music split into two download files. Unlike the full albums I post on this blog, not all of these songs are out of print or anything… but it’s a mixtape. I cleared the tagging information so that 1. I could sequence the tracks properly and 2. so that the surprise isn’t ruined–I always find music is best appreciated when you don’t have any bias going into it.

There is a theme to the mix–the book of Job from the Bible. Because, why not?

Here is download #1. And here is download #2.

And here is a link to the track listing, so you know what the various songs are. I really recommend NOT viewing the link until after you’ve listened to the mix, but I obviously can’t stop you.

Hopefully things will get sorted out soon and I can get internet back up-and-running so regular posting can resume.

Artist: Tantrum of the Muse
Album: The Heart Is A Two-Headed Sperm
Year: 1998 (remaster re-release in 2010)
Label: Takehold Records (remaster self-released)
Genre: Metal Weirdness

Sorry for the long absence. Ever since my move I’ve had very spotty internet and uploading and downloading takes forever. That hasn’t changed, so I can’t guarantee any uptick in updates for right now, but at least I can provide one of the most stellar bandcamp links ever.

Tantrum of the Muse was a short-lived avant-metal act from Lancaster, PA who released two albums on the nationally distributed label Takehold Records. While I can’t think of any band that they particularly sound LIKE, I could see them appealing to fans who like quirky metal/rock along the lines of System of a Down or Mr. Bungle. Tantrum is often fiercer–while mixing in numerous sound clips from old movies and records to kick off tracks.

I’ve been a fan for quite some time, and this album is one of my favorite go-to albums. Nary a mix-tape gets made by me without including a song off of this. This would have been one of the first albums I posted on this blog except they were charging for the Bandcamp download. Well, just the other day they made it a free download. So my blog has had one major hole filled. Thank you Stephen!

(Click above icon for bandcamp download page.)
(And while you’re there, check out their second cd, too, which I’ll probably feature here later.)

Between moving and a death in the family I haven’t had the time or energy for a new post. I’ll try to pull something together this evening or tomorrow. In the meantime, give the blogs I like on the right-hand column a peek!

New header, again. This one will probably stick around for a month or so, but I still need to tweak some issues with it (**cough**blog name too faint as-is), but at least it is a step in the right direction.


For those keeping track, here is the Reminded Music header-history up to this point:

1. Generic WordPress option–the whole record player image was pretty good… but I always scoff when I encounter blogs who use one of the (few) image options WordPress offers.

2. Found a Creative Commons image on Flickr of a colorful live-music scene. Actually pretty cool, although the colors seemed a bit out of step of what I (usually) post here. Plus, I was technically supposed to give photo credit–and there is no real place to put a photo credit on a header.

3. The current one. Finally found a decent free image-manipulation program for the Mac (GIMP) and whipped together a collage of album art. It has its problems, but even though it feels like a step down from the last one, at least I put it together.

Hopefully at some point I can really get down to business and craft a worthy header–something that I put together that makes Reminded Music feel less–ragged. Until then, this will suffice.

I’m in the middle of moving, which is why there haven’t been any new posts for a few days. Hopefully tomorrow I can get one up–the lastest will be Sunday. But never fear, more music awesomeness is on its way!

I had kept most of the standard default settings from when I registered this blog, but there are so many customization features that I felt it worthwhile to really dig into some of the basic features and get this looking a bit more individual–at least, as individual as a clean-looking blog can be.

There are still a few items in limbo, but for now this looks pretty good. It has the important things, anyway. I’m not entirely comfortable with that header image, but it is better than the WordPress default. So that could change when I feel creative enough to whip one together–anyone know of any good free Paint-style image creators/editors for the Mac?

At some point I also want to add a blogroll in the sidebar.

For now this will suffice nicely, though.

More music forthcoming–til then, scroll on down!