Ok, ok, I know. “Reminded Music” is kind of awkward and perhaps slightly grammatically incorrect. But I’m kinda going through a mind blank here on kick-ass music blog names. Anyway, welcome to Reminded Music, wherein little ol’ me will share out of print, hard to find, and music otherwise impossible-to-purchase music.

The exceptions:
–music the band lets listeners download
–music the band/label specifically wants available

However, as Ruler of the Realm, it will be to my discretion whether or not music is worthy of being on the blog.

My musical tastes span the musical spectrum. So anything from Christian Polka to black metal is fair game for being posted. My criteria is simply that it be good and entertaining to at least myself–and hopefully you, too.

As a poor college student who loves music I’ve become pretty good at scouring the internet for free and/or out of print music. So to the best of my knowledge anything I post here fits in that category. However, if you are the artist or copyright holder of something uploaded and you object to it being downloadable, please email me at:

remindedmusic (at) gmail (dot) com
Obviously, I am trying to prevent spambots from completely spamming that address. But it should be simple enough.

Files will be uploaded as .zip files, which should be easy enough for most people to open. If you have any troubles, Google is your friend…

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