Artist: Sleep
Album: Dopesmoker (or Jerusalem)
Year: 1996
Label: Tee Pee Records
Genre: Stoner Metal
RIYL: Black Sabbath, Torche, really long songs

The history on this beast is a mess. So I’m just going to paraphrase Mutant-Sounds (who hipped me to this jam): Sleep took their label signing money, blew it on weed, and recorded one long song whilst high as a kite. And then they submitted it to the label, who said “nuh-uh.” Label wanted to split the one long track into multiple tracks and Sleep said “nuh-uh.” Album gets shelved. HERE is where it gets complicated.

A) Sleep allows a bootleg edition to be released (image above) and calls it Jerusalem and then years later a label licenses it, splits it into 6 tracks, and then releases it again as Jerusalem with a different cover (google it). Then some other label decides that the public can handle one long track and releases the whole thing as Dopesmoker (cue 3rd album cover).

B) Switch around chronological nonsense from above paragraph as needed.

The essential thing to realize is that this has been released multiple times, with multiple covers, album names, and methods of presentation–some of which is in line with the artist’s original vision, and some which aren’t.

::Deep Breath::

Now, Reminded Music tries to stick to an ethical code on what albums to post. See the right sidebar–>
Reminded Music is kind of making an exception here because:
1) This rip is taken from the bootleg release (see above image)
2) The Dopesmoker release is out of print
3) Thus, the only way to get the music legally is with the Jerusalem album where they split one song into 6 songs.

In my esteemed estimation, this has a higher chance of being taken down than most of my posts, hence the reason I am calling this Dopesmoker in the header and on the upload file. Figure I might curve some otherwise unwanted attention. Plus, the Dopesmoker release is more associated with the single, long song than the Jerusalem release.

Or just skip all of the above tomfoolery and just download the damn album already.

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