Artist: Paul Leary
Album: The History of Dogs
Year: 1991
Label: Caroline Distro
Genre: Alternative Rock
RIYL: The Butthole Surfers, weird rock
Essential Tracks: How Much Longer, The Birds Are Dying, Apollo One, Indians Storm the Government

I’m going to go ahead and guess that most of my readers are astute enough to know that Paul Leary is best known for his guitar playing with The Butthole Surfers. I never actually listened to The Butthole Surfers–their band name just seemed juvenile and like a band I could skip. But after recently discovering this solo gem from Paul Leary on the rather amazing Blog the Jerk I might have to listen to the Surfers at some point.

Highlighting how ridiculously great this album is is as simple as reading the 1-star review for this album by T. Barnes:
“The vocals are terrible, high-pitched, and made my stomach hurt.”
“The songs are weird and very hard to enjoy.”
“This record is an oddball in any collection, but no worth being put into rotation.”

Aka, this album is super-awesome from beginning to end. It’s one of those albums I’m content to put on repeat–and I can’t say that about many albums. Highly recommended for both the weirdos and the alternative rock fans (genres which I don’t usually see much overlap in anymore).

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(Actually, judging by the Amazon review I quoted above, it might be foolish of me to expect anything like this if I’d listen to The Butthole Surfers. But I’ll try ’em out sometime anyway.)