New header, again. This one will probably stick around for a month or so, but I still need to tweak some issues with it (**cough**blog name too faint as-is), but at least it is a step in the right direction.


For those keeping track, here is the Reminded Music header-history up to this point:

1. Generic WordPress option–the whole record player image was pretty good… but I always scoff when I encounter blogs who use one of the (few) image options WordPress offers.

2. Found a Creative Commons image on Flickr of a colorful live-music scene. Actually pretty cool, although the colors seemed a bit out of step of what I (usually) post here. Plus, I was technically supposed to give photo credit–and there is no real place to put a photo credit on a header.

3. The current one. Finally found a decent free image-manipulation program for the Mac (GIMP) and whipped together a collage of album art. It has its problems, but even though it feels like a step down from the last one, at least I put it together.

Hopefully at some point I can really get down to business and craft a worthy header–something that I put together that makes Reminded Music feel less–ragged. Until then, this will suffice.