Artist: Two Prong
Album: Good v. Bad
Year: 2010
Label: Northern-Spy Records
Genre: Weirdo Indie Rock
RIYL: ramshackle doo-hickery using an indie rock pallet
Essential Tracks: Purple Vapor, The Postman

Look at that album cover. Ain’t it a beaut? Reminds me of the artwork found in old Children’s books. That little elephant reminds me of the Rudyard Kipling creation from his epic story, “The Elephant’s Child.” (Which you should probably read right now, just because). Still, all that would be for naught if the songs sucked. But they don’t.  Indeed, O Best Beloved, Two Prong’s 2010 offering gives us some pretty fabulous fuzzy indie rock with some great ramshackle percussion, and just all-round good ditties.

Now isn’t this a post for you? A full album PLUS a bonus story. Shit, you scored jackpot.

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